Friday, February 14, 2014

n friends

"usually, when people leave, you are left with nothing"

i still remember the very first moment of our times before we are officially enrolled as UTP's students..
i still remember that time when i almost give up from going to the interview just because i cannot find a homestay..
and at that time, jat was encouraging me to go n she also offered me to stay at her homestay if i can't find one..
and jat was staying with all her siblings and parents which makes a total of 6 people and she still offered me to stay with her..
at that time, i was really touched..
i felt like Allah is too kind to send me this great people along my journey..

and alhamdulillah i've managed to get a homestay that night..
and that morning, i woke up very early for the interview..
i was the 6th or 7th person queuing up for the interview.. 
hah i only come early for the first day of everything in my life lol..

then we, the hamidians sat together, most of us..
and i sat besides jat n hanna n we listen to the speech n etc..
and i still remember how nervous nyem was..
she was texting aina eventho they sat nearby cuz she's too nervous to speak XD

i was nervous too.. but at that time something distracted me and i just couldn't feel nervous since i have something else on my mind..
then we went to interview together and to make it short,
most of us have made it..
we received an offer letter from utp and i still remember how excited i was that night calling jat and asked her to straight away check her application status and OMG!
we get the same course!!!
life just couldn't be better, i thought :)

and from all of us who received the offer,
only 4 of us accepted the offer..
me, anyem, ajean n jat..
n to make things again, better,
jat n i r room mates!!!
everything was easy from the beginning..
the way Allah has planned it for me..
and day by day we spent our time together,
sometimes we laughed and joked..
sometimes we argued..
but at the end of the day,
we are still best friends :)

and i never expected that this day will come..
jat has decided that she's going to pursue her study in science department..
and aem got an offer letter from KYS n she's going too..
so at the same time,
2 people, my best friends r going..
and i couldn't say more..
deep inside..
i feel terribly sad and lonely..
but i believe in Allah..
i believe that He has a better plan for each of us..
and i believe that He has planned something better for jat..

as a servant,
i couldn't say more than being grateful that at the end of the day,
whatever happens,
it's the best thing that He planned for us..

"John Lennon said : everything will be okay, if it's not okay, it's not the end"

so that's that..
sooner or later..
things might be a lil bit different..
but eventually it will come to a good ending :)

and to aem,
i'll miss ur coolness..
and ur reaction and determination when it comes to cepi..
and i still remember that day when we went to pasar malam for the first time in utp..
and the bus left us..
i was really lucky to have u with me or else i guess i'll be fainting or crying or even dying because of anxiety..
i just worried too much sometimes lol..
and aem is always like,
smua yg jd tu ada hikmah dia..
and we met ur uncle tgh jln..
what an unexpected incident..
and the memory of us staying late at night during mas..
what a life

and to jat..
i can't say more..
thanks for being patient with me through all this time..
thanks for coping with my imperfections..
thanks for understanding my emotionally-dragged personality..
you, somehow have changed the way i look at things..
you, have made me realized about my false attitude towards people..
the way you care and try to understand people is amazing..
i never thought that somebody like you actually exist..
to be honest..
and when i knew it,
i just wanted to be like you..
caring and understanding..
and looking back at the pictures during mas..
god, i have a lot of our pictures together and it's soo memorable..
i still remember during the gimic,
when we r chatting at the back..
feeling shocked when that kid rebels to the facees and stuffs..
and lol.
it was a gimic..
what a funny time isn't it?
and during tht time, we're walking together at night back from the class and there was nobody cuz we used the longer road when there's actually a shorter one *that we didn't know at that time*
and we saw this foreigner besides the road and i was like..
weyy dia buat ap tu?? weyyyy jalan laju2....
and actually he was taking picture of the scenery or something lol..

what a memorable thing to be reminisced.

i thought parting with people is a bad thing..
i thought that when somebody leaves,
he/she will leave me with nothing..
but u guys proved me that i was wrong..
even though you guys are leaving,
you guys have left me with something nice to remember about..
you guys have given me beautiful memories to look at for my first chapter of university's life..
thanks for everything..
i wish the best for you guys..
and be happy with whatever you guys will do in future..
enjoy each moment in life..
and most importantly,
don't forget to seek for a friend like me so that i don't have to worry much if i'm not there with you guys.. 

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