Friday, December 12, 2014

Midnight Note and Night Changes, of course ;)

She asked me; how was it? and whether i've been studying.
and i told her, i wanna take a break and i'm tired thinking about my study.
"don't quit, don't give up." she read me well.
i'm just tired and don't wanna talk about this at the moment. maybe next time, i said
and she understood. then there's a brief goodbye.

looking at everything,
how solid the time is.
how things changed,
how ups and downs possessed the wheel,
i was completely astounded.

i wanna freeze the time,
but growing up is a good thing too.

hang in there sweetheart,
we'll go with the flow,
i said.
what happened are meant to be lessons,
don't worry much as He has everything planned,
just work and try your best.


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