Friday, December 5, 2014

the weather is a cold sweater

ive just finished my last paper yesterday for test 2 and my final exam is coming in 2 more weeks.
it is hectic and i guess people also get affected.
people seem stress or not cheerful like they used to be.
and i saw that in myself too.
its like everything is about exam and it keeps coming one after another.
its hard tho.
and after going through some phase that i told before,
i find myself in a sweater season.
the one that you've become lonely,
shutting down people in your life,
trying to figure out things,
and just be there on your bed,
doing nothing.

its a leisure on the other hand to not think about my study for a moment
because physics chem n bio are just hard this time
not to mention calculus and computer too
i dunno whether i havent studied enough (which obviously could be the point)
or its really hard.

so figuring things in my sweater mood,
i am deadly wanna go back home and get two of my favorite cutiepies.
like seriously im dying to outcast myself from the world and immerse in romance books.
i love it.
i just find that romance book is simple yet it gives you a better perspective on your life and
its just like happiness paved along your path.

i need them.
but people have been busy so im not sure when can i get them and.
i have interclass netball match tomorrow and cant go back home.
so yeah.
i wish it is today that i can have them in my room.
reading with high enthusiasm while being lazy on my bed.
just stay in my room and not opening a single book because i want a break.

wait for me love

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