Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aq X cOOL~

I'm sorry,,
i'm not a cool person...
tht's what i tell ppl when they see me being clumsy..
i just cannot be cool.. 
why?? coz there's so many things in my mind..
n i cannot be cool or calm when i need to solve tht things..
i think tht if one day i have to handle a class occasion n i am soo stress..
i'll turn everybody n everything upside down.. ^ v 
what a horror...
kan?? but the thing is that
i got COOL friends...
i mean TOO COOL...
when i'm clumsy n seem like an insane..
they'll say.. rileks mun.. breath in.. breath out..
LOL! i love them...
sometimes they ask me what to do..
and they lend a hand..
how LUCKY am i?? kan??

as i grow up,,
i realize that Allah knows me well..
of course He knows because He created me right??
i just feel cared when He arrange the best things for me...
He knows tht i'm a weak person...
He sends ppl that give wake up call for me.. (which is hard for me to accept if the comments is harsh)
but life goes on right??
so He sends nice ppl who supports me during my hard time..
nice isn't it??

now i realize how lucky i am..
born to be a MUSLIM...
have ppl that love and care about me..
have ppl who lend their ears n shoulders for me..
have ppl to share my joys n tears..
have ppl who share gold time with me and make it as an enjoyable n memorable journey...

just one more thing that i want in this life..
i want to be a good servant to Him...
i want to see ppl tht i love, also doing the same thing...
just for Allah...
and i wish i could be more sincere in anything that i do..
i wish to take care of my eyes n heart..
insyaAllah.. i'm trying now n the obstacle becomes harder...
but know what??
i'm confident with Him...
He'll help me getting through this..

pray for me okay?? ^_^

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