Tuesday, April 17, 2012

mood swing~

Assalamualaikum guys...
today i just want to babble around...

first, under the keyword of friend..
for the people who doesn't know me well..
u better don't judge me first..
coz, sometimes i can be a really nice person..
but for some reason,, i'll turn out to be a bad girl..
i hate to do that..
and i really hate the fact when people know bout it..
i mean my badla..
some people said that they can judge people from their first impression...
yeah they can judge me..
they can know that i'm not as nice as what other see..
but the thing is...
i really appreciate people that is nice to me..
mostly one who is nice from the beginning of our friendship..
for that,
i will always stand up for what she do..whateverlah..
coz i am sure that she is a nice person and i shall stand up for her..
sometimes, people just spread rumors right??
but it won't work on me when it comes to my besties...

and i always love to make friends..
really love it..
sometimes i become to excited when i met new friends...
usually i start the conversation LOL..
but do u ever had a cold respond from a person when u try to know them??
mestilah ye if u are a type of person yg suke tego2x dulu..kan??
kalau x tu korg mmg jenis x bertegolah.. sorry to say,, but it's fact..
so, what i'll do??
i still continue lol.. try to approach them..
till i get tired n concluded that the person is an arrogant type..huhuhu..

but, when i feel gloomy, uncomfortable/ all those negative feelings..
i will automatically pull out my face ...
and i can guarantee that u will know that i'm in a bad mood for sure..
in that state of mood,,
i have no intend to know people..
new person or what so ever...
i'll become selfish n just focus on my own feelings...
x berhati perutkah aq??
nawww!! i am a person who really take care bout my feelings...
and of course i have my own life principles...
i follow it exactly by the book LOL..
eh,, yeke?? for surela..
coz it's my life..

many things that i want to do will depend on my mood..
the results is always related to my mood...
sometimes,, jokes cheer me...
and suddenly the negative charge turns to be positives...
kan bagus tuh??

huhu.. apakah pgjrn yg korg dpt bile bace entri aq kali ni??
kenal aq??
hehe.. tahla.. pandai2x korgla yek.. ;)

pahal?? x faham sudehhh

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