Sunday, April 22, 2012

hey girl, cheerlah wei...

so today we're having the final round of the debate comp..
n skipping to the result,
we lose to skyhawk with margin of 1..
madi said tht it was bcoz of my RS..
hahaha.. my bad..
RS x mantap.. tp aq mmg tabik springla kat RS diorg..
mantap kemain.. pjg lak tu....
my bad..lagi!
haha... i just talk for 2 min sumthingla..
act i was not prepared for tht..
i thought they'll give us some times u know..
alah, in debate kan we have to expect the unexpected..
and last skali,,
kite x leh salahkan member kite..
kan smua org da buat sehabis baik..
tol x?? so, aq biasela tu..
kecewa lelebih..
mmg i'm not expecting to win..
tp kalah tu rase yg teruk kan??
for me,, i think i deserve to feel disappointed..
baru aq fhm perasaan kimi mase klh hri tu..
aq ckp kat dye.. lekla..
skrg aq pun x lek sendiri...
tp i don't carelah...
i am like this..
u can't expect ppl to be perfect...
juz give them some times lah LOL..
bknnye org x de otak.. cme ambil mase kut nk digest fact n so all of tht...
congrats again to skyhawk...
btw kak ulfah said tht i've done a good job..
thx akk,, train kitorg smua... sorry to disappoint  u n the rest lah...

p/s: settlekn bomba yg x settle lg tuh..

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