Friday, June 28, 2013

officially 17 :D

few days ago i'm officially 17!
and i was really excited about it!
cuz it's the last year i'll be wearing school uniform.. :O
*i still cannot believe this*
which means, after this, i'm not a highschooler any more ..
*i haven't decided yet how i should feel that time* sobs sobs

so, during my birthday,
i received lots of wishes from my best friends..
and it was really nice..
i love them soo much

i guess this year is the best year i've ever had with my friends 
so i named it as a friends year :D
 5 years trying to cope with each other..
this year.. i think, is the year when we finally get to know each other well..
it's really interesting..
having different kind of personalities and we deal with it..
accept the fact that everybody has flaws..
and at the end of the day, we accept each other for who we are..
it's amazing and i won't forget this..

my friends..
they have done so many things for me,
and when things didn't go well..
they are always there for me
patting my shoulders and saying that everything will be fine..
joke with me 24/7..
gossiping all day hahahah..
pakat x buat kerja sekolah.. *uhuk uhuk
pakat prank orang..
be strong for one another..
it is really nice..
and i really appreciate that.. :)
there are times where we're not on the same page..
but it was okay after that..
i guess our fights completed our friendship xD
it's like adding sugar to coffee..

"our friendship is eternal.. together, we hold a strength that no one could ever imagine.."  

btw, i also received wishes from people who aren't even close to me..
and i feel touched..
thanks guys :')

- so here they are.. the wishes :D -

and i thought yb forget about my birthday.. :')

first wish from fizah precisely at 00:00 :D

oh btw ade lagi yg wish kt fb and secara live.. hahah.. thank you soooo much..
and during maghrib enab called and wished me.. terharu giler masa tu..
and i got free call for the whole day since it's my bday kan.. tp utk maxis to maxis je..
tp x tahu nk call siapa since we all dh borak2 kat wechat and line..

so mlm tu, i saw missed call from kak ulfah.. lg 16 minit bday nk hbes and she's using maxis!! so i called her..
she wished me and we talked abt how i celebrated my birthday which i don't really celebrate because of jerebu so i stayed at home and got my cake that night (Y)
and we talked about srikandi which i'm very thrilled to go and like always, i got new information that peplum is actually an old trend which was created by cleopatra.. hoho..
and that's why talking to kak ulfah is fun :D
to be frank, i kinda miss seeing her around and talk to her about random things.. she's going to uni now.. :(

so guys, thanks again for making me feel like i'm 17.. hahah :D


btw this is my cake.. i love CAKESSSSS 

❤ White chocolate macadamia from SR 


  1. Dah kenapa nama aku farhah jess? Tsktsk yelah aku bkn bdk maahad kann :(

    1. hehehehehehehehehe hehehehehe hehehe cam sedap je.. farhah jess.. cam cool sket hahaha :D

  2. Hmm foinee pasni aku xde kt maahad dh tau :( dont miss me when im gone. But im sure ure gonna miss me when im gone *nyanyi sambil tepuk cup*

    1. Alolo.. Of coursela im going to miss u when we're gone.. Hehe.. Kau kn sahabat dunia akhirat aq *tepuk cawan kt dapur* xD

  3. Hahahaha foine ish kau ni aku tgh tacing2 ni kau boleh lak ketawa sampai hati u ni tau :'(

    1. alah lekla darling.. jgn tacing2x.. hidup kena bahagiaaaaaa :D