Thursday, June 6, 2013

i found the missing piece :)

yesterday i saw fattah's tweet inviting several people for their training at sais including me..
at first i was 50-50 whether to go or not..
cuz i have lost my debate spirit recently..
i dunno how i ended up at this road..
i dunno why i debate in the first place..
i mean out of the blue i just join debate and now i can't find the reason why i am here
and there are several problems arise..

i am confused so i decided to take a break from the debate world..

but suddenly i thought about this..
the sri ayeshans have been so kind to us, the hamidians..
i remembered how they always tried their best to come if we have training..
and also the supports they always give to us..
i feel touched. deep.
they did many things for us..
too many..

so i think it's time to show our gratitude to them :)
and i made up my mind to go
i arrived a lil bit late cuz i need to make sure my lil sis takes her medicine..

the moment i arrived, i opened the door and everybody in the room is sri ayeshan except fakhry
i admit it.
i was afraid..

but then we had a debate and discussed together..
we talked about enemy combatant, mine craft, studies and lots of stuffs..
it was really fun..
and they treated me just like a family..
i feel like i'm a part of them..
i feel like i'm also a family..
and from that moment i started to saw my reflection being so excited in these things and competitive and so..
the spirit slowly grows back..
i can't let things go..
if i don't believe it i will like ask and argue
and for some reasons it's fun :)

to be honest..
i found back the missing piece of the me..
i found back the part that i miss sooo much

i feel blessed
i feel grateful

all these great feeling just like come all together

and i feel touched :')

thanks kamalia, maryam, fattah, fakhry, eri for today..
it may seem like a normal training,
but it brings a big difference to me..
it brings back my missing piece..

i guess 
does mean something this year :')

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