Sunday, June 9, 2013


there are times when you feel upset,
there are times when you feel depressed,
there are times when you feel down,
and all you need to do is talk..

find somebody,
not the one that you only trust,
you feel comfortable to talk with,

you don't need an expert,
you don't need a psychologist,
you don't need twitter,
you don't need facebook,
you don't need the whole world to listen to your problem..

all you need is somebody who you feel safe to talk to
and somebody who you know will understand your feelings..

the reason is because,
talking to people can actually lessen your burden,
knowing that somebody is there for you,
listening to all your story..
you will know that you're not alone,
and sometimes their thoughts help..
even though sometimes it feels like it is just to comfort you,
but still,
it DOES comfort you..

and there are also times when,
their thoughts can really help you..
sometimes they see what you can't see
and with their view, they can help you through all these problems

and the thing is..
you won't know whether they have the solutions or not
IF you don't talk to them..
you won't know whether somebody really understand you
IF you don't share your problems with them..

you won't lose anything if ANY of the good things above didn't happen to you..
at least, you give a try and make efforts to lessen your burden..
and trust me,
despite the good words and advice, having somebody to listen to your problems is pretty much everything..

try talking to people rather than believing in your own thoughts
because sometimes, we are blinded by our own feelings..
and of course, we won't be able to make the right decisions..
having others insight to your problems can actually help you to neutralize your opinion..

at least...
listen to others thoughts..
then decide on your own what do you want to do..
just have their views..
like i said, you have nothing to lose..

oh btw,
i know that there are certain conditions when it's hard to tell people around you about the problems..
sometimes it reveals your flaws and you don't want to let people to know how weak you are and how you are not actually what they think you are..
yup.. nobody wants to let people see their real flaws..
so what should you do?
i mean talk but not to your close ones..
because i know you don't feel like it..
it's like, you tell them everything then the next day in school,
you will feel very much insecure with that person because he/she knows your flaws..
so. find some strangers and talk to them..
i know this may sound weird but to me it is quite fun..
i personally love talking to strangers..
you can just talk to them.. spill everything and you may put some lies also because haha they don't know the real stories and they don't know who you are.. so yeah..
what you need is just their view..
and solutions to your problems..
don't worry about adding up stories and everything..
if you feel like it then do it..
remember you just need the solutions and that person is not going to know about it..
because he/she is just a stranger who comes and goes easily in your life..
they won't really care about the problems you have and everything..
but they can lend their ears for you if you want them to and give some advice..
which is the only thing you need..
a listener and a couple of advice..

so i think that's pretty much it..

just talk and spill everything..
remember you have nothing to lose :)

p/s: talking to strangers sometimes benefits you a lot.. cuz, usually they will have very very different thoughts that don't even click in your mind.. i think it's because of the different backgrounds and how they think.. so yeah have a nice day :D

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