Wednesday, July 10, 2013

first ramadan

So, how was the first day of ramadan feels like?

To me, it was quite tiring and i got a headache but everything goes slowly this month which makes it very calm and i love it..

Much to my surprise,
lots of people are changing.. in just a blink of an eye, today..
most of my friends, they started to increase their good deeds,
the mosque during recess is now full with students performing duha prayer which is really nice :)
before this, usually students will go to the canteen or perform their duties during recess,
but since it's ramadan, our teachers started to reduce the school's activity and give more time for us to recite qur'an and perform our prayer..
and i think the best thing in maahad during ramadan is tadarus Al-Qur'an..
it's quite rare for us to tadarus together in other months, but during ramadan, it is compulsory for all of us to tadarus together..
i love tadarus since we get to recite qur'an together..
it's like everybody is going for it and it's fun!
the best part is that you get to recite it with your friends..
it feels better than reciting it alone :D
it adds enjoyment on our hunt to increase our good deeds..
and nobody is left behind :')

so i think that's it.. i'm quite fatigue to tell more about my first day and elaborate it..
but let's just have something than nothing isn't it? hahah..
well i kinda miss my friends on twitter and tweeting too.. which is one of the reason why i keep updating my blog.. it's just simply because i want to talk..
heheh.. i think my blog is like my second home, a form of escapism from the real world and a medium to express my thoughts and feelings..
it's been almost five years and it never gets old..
okaylah salam guys!

p/s: btw how was your first ramadan feels like? :D

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