Thursday, July 4, 2013

the house is lonely

so there's a new thing..
the kids have grown up
they don't fight 24/7 like they used to do before..
and that supposed to be a good thing right..
the house is soooo lonely..
without the quarrel and all..
don't misunderstood me..
i love peace but being lonely in a quiet house is something that is..
kinda unbearable for me..
i love noise..
or actually now i realize i love noise..
or actually i would like to talk to someone when i'm at home..
but there's no one..
ude has gone to asrama..
and i miss her everyday badly..
she is always there for people..
she always make time for everybody..
i can tell that everybody in the house miss her and how mum looks sooo enlighten knowing that she'll be back at home this week..
i'm excited too..

that day she called home and i was answering the phone, i pranked her..
because i miss her soo badly..

Me: Helo
Ude: Helo, nak ckp ngan abah boleh tak?
Me: Helo ni balai polis kajang, boleh saya bantu?
Ude: O ea..
tetttttt ( tefon mati)

and i was like.. what??
she believe that?
alahhh nape letak tefon.. ntah2 bnda penting..
dan 1000 sesalan datang..

ana mom was like, alonggg ude ke??
tak baik along ni...
nasib baik abah is not there or i'm dead xD

i was hoping that she called back and luckily there's another ring..
mase angkat terus ckp: udeee ni along ni... ude percaya ke tadi?
*cuz i was afraid that she will hung up*
she was like.. alonggggg tak baiklah.. along ni.. takut tau.. ude tgok nombor dh betul dah.. tp tiba2 tercall balai polis.. along ni x baik lah...
and i was laughing real hard..
hahah.. i miss her..

then abah blik and mom told her about my prank..
abah terus cakap : along kalau ada benda penting ke, dia nak apa2x ke... *nada dh mcm nak serius so i gelak and act like nothing happen, talk about something else n cepat2 masuk bilik..


so my house is kinda lonely now since my two younger sis slalu tidur awal..
if i have tuition lagilah x sempat langsung nak borak..
and angah she prefers playing mine craft and tweeting or anything else she did with the computer in her room.. so my house kinda feel like it is inhibited..
hahah.. i know right, it's a lie..
adelah my bibik, my mom and my dad..
tp my dad slalu kluar and mom often sleeps early too..
so yeah.. i miss ude

oyeah that two lil kids...
talking about them growing up and become nicer.. *hew hew
that day when i was fasting, wardah made a milo drink for me which was really nice of her :')
and today, sofeyyah made my mum and me roti+cheese and watermelon juice for our iftar today..and it was really nice.. she hurt her finger when cooking for me tho T_T
and she was really excited presenting her cooking for us and i feel touched hahah..
time flies sooo fast and here my sisters are growing up..

so i think that's pretty much of what i want to say..
i'm afraid of the future though.. i just want to freeze the time and have my lil sis as kids..
but hey.. i can't go against the nature of the world..
as they growing up i hope they'll become awesome muslimahs one day..

today, i asked mom to adopt a child.. precisely, a lil boy..
this house really feels lonely without children..
hahah and father says no..
which i kinda expected..
i want a boy in the family..
a brother..
hmmm i know how weird it sounds but i guess i feel too lonely lol..

hahah anyway, i can't wait to go back to our village and meet our cousins this raya..
they are still kids u know..
and i'm pretty sure that it's going to be loud and hectic and fun..
i'm looking forward to that..
so, happy ramadhan all..
lets make the most out of the most this ramadhan..


p/s: can't bear looking at what's happening in mesir right now.. i hope the people can be patience.. mursi is really new for god sake.. what do you expect?

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