Saturday, July 20, 2013

the sky is not my limit, i am

beberapa hari lalu,
hidup aq rasa mcm naik roller coaster,
ups and downs yg laju giler..
x menyalahkan sesiapa,
bersyukur sebab semua tu ujian Allah..

dia dan dia, kau dan mereka
semua tu ujian
nak tengok sekental mana iman di dada
dan sehebat mana akalku bisa berkata-kata

*mengeluh sekejap*
macam lepas naik roller coaster,
tapi macam mana pun hidup kena sentiasa move on..
kalau nak difikirkan..
dari sejak aq lahir,
dh berapa kali aq terfikir-fikir untuk give up bila aq frust or rasa cam dh buntu sangat..
but in the end, there's always a way dan...
here i am..
still here, breathing perfectly well,
passed my UPSR, PMR *those-exhausting-exams*
passed certain challenge that i thought i would rather die than facing it..
and yeah here. i. am.

so that was the past..
after living for 17 years and a few days *bajet berpengalaman sebentar*
i've learnt that, in life, there are always two things that will happen when things happen..
first, you succeed and be happy
second, you don't succeed, cry a river and then move on, learn something new and be a better person..

from what i've finally learnt,
i feel more mature
when i want to do something and i'm afraid of the consequences ,
i'll tell myself those two things..
if this is not happening then i'll just move on..
simple and i have anything to lose..

being dare to do things and accept challenges is extremely fun,
the feeling of putting your efforts,
worrying about those things.. are great!
and the best part is when i tell myself that i'm up for the challenges after making my decisions..
yup it feels great to choose who are going to hurt you and how you're going to get hurt..
cuz, even if i get hurt, i feel satisfied that i'm awared of that before :D

so now,
even if it's not spring and blossom,
it will be great later..
i always believe in that..
whatever it is,
every true story will has a happy ending :)

p/s: i think now mom will give in to my decision to become a csi, she has admitted to my teacher that i've been dreaming to become one since i was a lil child.. lets just pray for the best :D

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