Friday, July 5, 2013

tomorrow: sport's day :O

so it's my last year and finally i would like to take part in sport's day..
it has been a long time i didn't take part since i'm too lazy
the last time was during form 1, i was taking part in 200 meters..
during form 2, i supposed to run for 400 meters but unfortunately,
a few days before sport's day, our math teacher penalized us..
with every wrong answer, we need to do 'ketuk ketampi' ten times on the spot..
and i had ten wrong answers ><"
after ketuk ketampi for 100 times..
i couldn't feel my leg any more..
it was terribly painful, i couldn't even walk properly..
so did my classmates..
so i quit for 400 meters..
man.. how am i supposed to run?
one of my friends still wanted to involve in lompat jauh and she ended up with ankle ligament injury..
to make it short, since that incident she can't participate in lompat jauh anymore..

so that's the story..
i've gave up on sports when i was form 3 because of pmr..
i don't want to be active or what so..
i also left netball way behind even though i used to be a netball player..
meh.. it's tough.. but sports at my school is not that fun back then..
they always prioritized the hostelians which is kinda a bad thing for me..
since i have tuition and can't stay back.. hmm

so now here i am,
form 5.. all grown up..
so i thought maybe this year i would take part in sports..
and i get choosed for 200 meters which i think i can go on with since i used to compete for 200 meters back then..
but meh i'm not the same..
my health condition is worse now since i'm not active..
what am i expecting duhh?
my impulse per minute this year is 80+ compared to when i was form 1 which is 58 per minute..
which shows how very inactive i was this past 4 years..
and just now i practised with a friend and i can't make it till 200 meters..
i think it's like 100 sumthing and i stopped..
i can't continue..
i felt like puking and fainting..
and sport's day tomorrow..
i don't want to fail them..
but how?

p/s: i should have exercised often and had a balanced diet.. that's what we all should do from the very beginning.. not just when sport's day is around the corner.. we should all love our body.. it's  truly a gift

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