Saturday, July 6, 2013

full of satisfaction :)

finally i ran!!
hahah i didn't really have the courage to do so but when our leader, nadhrah told me that i can do it,
i just wanted to believe in myself..
and my friends kept telling me to enjoy the fun and try my best..
so i did n i got 7th place out of 8 but it was okay..
it was fun and i finished my run and the whole thing was soo amazing..
seeing my friends enjoyed everything.. and i did tooo..
it's a bless that i can't describe even with words..

this is the last year for us the form 5 students and it meant soo much to me and to my friends too..
after acara puteri, we had perbarisan..
and we wore cloak which was really cool..
i felt awesomeee
the costume and all was just perfect..

the best part was when, first,
tarik tali..
i was shouting zuhal all the time sampai serak suara lol..
haha and they won!!
i felt sooo great even though i was not participating hahah..

secondly was when they announced that we are the champion for this year!!!
3 years in a row, zuhal is the champion!!!!
i felt amazing and touched..
this is our last year n this is the best memory for my highschool year..
thanx guys :')

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