Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aidilfitri - The Truth.

It's raya!! finally we've made it soo far and Alhamdulillah we got to meet raya..
I feel blessed that He still give me the chance to rejoice and celebrate this noble month with my relatives and friends..
but the truth is, I miss ramadhan..
coz this year,, ramadhan feels very special to me..
it solves most of my question.. gives me a new sight to the world..
i dunno.. it just did..
the thing is,, it's over..
now it's syawal and for me it's unfair if i didn't enjoy my syawal as much as i enjoy ramadhan since syawal is also a gift from Allah to me..

by the way,
spending time back at our village is ah-mazing!!
seriously it's like kids convention here.. too many of them n sometimes it's breath-taking when they got their feet.. u know what i mean :D

it just that
this raya, we laugh, smile, chat and have fun all the way.. like the typical raya..
but it feels wrong here, when it comes to our brothers' and sisters' celebration out there..
i don't even call it a celebration.. because,,
it's terrible and horrible, what else? name it.. all the bad stuff..
they don't even have the chance to celebrate raya at all.. in fact, they are busy running for their lives, fighting for ISLAM..
and the truth is we don't even care about them...
we are selfish..
we just enjoy and have fun all day long and we forgot to pray for them.. at least..

these people out there,, they lost ones who they love every day..
they don't even have the same chance like us..
while others are worshiping in ramadhan,, they run.. run for their live..
while others meet relatives and tighten their bonds, they lost 'that bond' everyday..
sometimes they just cannot even care about that bond coz most of them are gone.. gone forever..

look! see! observe!

5 times a day,
we pray,
but we forgot them..

supposedly, we, as muslims shouldn't be selfish..we should feel the pain that our brothers and sisters are having..
we should pray for them.. we should remember them in every prayer that we made..

see what they are having now.. :'(

1) Rohingya

The buddhist 
They are human just lke us yet they've been treated lke slaves :(

Muslims in rohingya praying :'(

2) Syria

Imagine this is ur hometown..

Imagine that body is ur sis :'(

-pray, never underestimate the power of dua'.. that's the least we can do :(

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