Tuesday, August 14, 2012


peeps, who say we need to improve ourselves only when it's ramadhan?? we can do this peeps.. we can change and improve no matter it's syawal, muharam or rejab.. because if you really want to change, you will!! you won't wait for other factors to come.. such as ramadhan, wake up call or what-so-ever that you called it..

so, although ramadhan is almost over for this year..
but there're still a few things that i want to change and improve on myself... so,, here it is:

#1 Tidur siang --> i don't want to sleep lepas subuh n after zuhur.. usually i got tired easily and just fall asleep but after this, i want to minimize my sleep :)

#2 Consistency --> i always have problems with consistency.. but after this, im going to jot down my daily activities and follow it whole-heartedly.. heheh :D

#3 Structure --> I want to be more structured. I guess being structured in life will help me with the structure in my speech too :O

#4 Put things in the right place --> Since kak donah is not around, i want to keep my room and stuff tidy. The easiest way is by putting things in the right place. #simple ^o^

#5 Moody --> I need to train myself to control my mood well.. so, i'll try my best to be positive about everything :DD

so this is my list.. what's yours?? do one! you'll be more excited to do it when you have a list or a checklist :D
btw keep consistent with your deeds in ramadhan okay?? Assalamualaikum :)

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