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I love being patriotic... Hey man i might be a teenager but that doesn't mean that i won't care about my country, place where i was born.

I feel proud because i'm a Malaysian. I don't want to get to politic coz politic and patriotic is way a different thing. How? because even if we vote for different party, we can still be patriotic.. it doesn't matter coz i bliv everybody has their own opinion and way of view to make their choice for our government. But then we were born in the same country so no matter whether u r pas, mca or bn, we can still feel patriotic and celebrate this independence day together...

But then, what is so good about this independence day?
To me, it reminds me on how hard our armies had fight for us back then .. Their bloodshed and tears.. all into count..  Imagine if they still alive, believe me, they won't like to see the youngsters nowadays waste their young time to do useless things, become addicted to drug or what so ever. But, they would like to see this independence that they've fought for is worth it. They fought for us, the future generation, hoping that we can live better than them... Which means that we can improve in all aspects, not just from the aspect of intellectual , science and technology but then also from the aspect of morality because that is the one thing that they, the old ones have but we don't.

What is the difference?
People back then, they would sacrifice their live, their soul for their beloved nation which is Malaysia.. They won't never ever put Malaysia in a risky condition or betray their own nation.. But nowadays we can see that bribery is everywhere, people betrayed their own nation for money, people put their nation in harm for their own sake.. And that is heart-breaking! Because ones may got away with money and stuff but look to the impacts that they've left.. Bad things will leave marks.. Now, we cannot even trust people since there are so many crimes that have been reported, we feel insecure because our country is not safe anymore. The value of morality has totally decreases and what left for us are selfish people.. People who only care about their pleasures and never think of their future generation. That is the thing that happen nowadays.. and know what? we have the power to change it! change our attitude, be proud of our country, be sincere in your duty and all... we need to change our current status quo..

I wish one day, kids can go out and play happily without feeling insecure like nowadays..

Btw i have read interlok and bukit kepong.. guess what? i love both of them whole-heartedly.. so, i think maybe u nd to read them too.. coz it feels so real n it reminds u of those hard days where people sacrifice themselves, their family for their country...

if u don't like to read then watch patriotic movies.. i heard that bukit kepong is kinda good so give a try! ;)

read more abt bukit kepong incidents here =)

Im proud of them!

List of killed in action (KIA)


  1. Sergeant 3493 Jamil Mohd Shah (Bukit Kepong police chief)
  2. Corporal 7068 Mohd Yassin Haji Wahab
  3. Lance Corporal 7168 Jidin Omar
  4. Police Constable (PC) 3933 Hamzah Ahmad
  5. PC 5674 Abu Mohd Ali
  6. PC 7493 Muhamad Jaafar
  7. PC 7862 Abu Kadir Jusoh
  8. PC 8600 Jaafar Hassan
  9. PC 9136 Hassan Osman
  10. Extra Police Constable (EPC) 3475 Mohd Top Lazim
  11. EPC 3795 Jaafar Arshad
  12. Marine Constable (MPC) 60 Ibrahim Adam
  13. MPC 68 Awang Ali
  14. MPC 181 Basiron Adam

[edit]Auxiliary Police (AP) were killed in action (KIA) outside police station

  1. AP Redzuan Alias
  2. Embong Lazim
  3. Koh Ah Cheng

[edit]Non-combatants (Auxiliary Police (AP))

  1. Ins. Kudarina Naknok
  2. AP 2130 Samad Yatim
  3. AP Mahmood Saat
  4. AP 1925 Ali Akop
  5. AP 2127 Othman Yahya

[edit]Police family members

  1. Fatimah Yaaba - wife of Marine Constable Abu Bakar Daud
  2. Hassan Abu Bakar - son of Marine Constable Abu Bakar Daud
  3. Saadiah - wife of Constable Abu Mohd Ali
  4. Simah Abu - daughter of Constable Abu Mohd Ali

[edit]List of survivors


  1. PC 10533 Othman Yusoff
  2. MPC 37 Abu Bakar Daud
  3. EPC 3472 Ahmad Khalid
  4. PC 7645 Haji Yusoff Rono (died on 14 April 2005)
Note: All officers are deceased

[edit]Police family members

  1. Mariam Ibrahim - widow of Constable Muhamad Jaafar
  2. Zainun Muhamad - daughter of Constable Muhamad Jaafar
  3. Abu Samah Muhammad - son of Constable Muhamad Jaafar
  4. Zaleha - daughter of Constable Muhamad Jaafar
  5. Jamilah - daughter of Marine Constable Abu Bakar Daud
  6. Hussain - son of Marine Constable Abu Bakar Daud
  7. Fatimah Abdul Manan @ Timah Lawa - widow of Constable Hassan Osman
  8. Pon Khalid - widow of Marine Constable Awang Ali
  9. Fatimah Tuani - widow of Constable Hamzah Ahmad
  10. Edmund Ross Williams Hunt - orang asli who worked as a mountain guide at Bukit Kepong

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