Wednesday, August 8, 2012

PersonThatInspireMe #1 : Amira

I don't like to smile..
Eventhough it's a sunnah,, i don't find any reason y shld i smile..
but then when i enter maahad..
i met this girl..
this weird girl..
every time u walk wth her, u'll realize tht every single person tht passes u will smile..
it's awkward for me to smile to anonymous..
but it's not for her..
as it's a sunnah,,
she smiles to everyone..
but of course not to boys..
she even told me once ago..
when we all are the naive form 1 students..
she was soo cheerful when she arrives at the school gate and saw a boy prefect,,
she smiled at him but he looked surprise and turn away..
tht time, she felt weird..
but when we learn about how shld the relationship btween boys n girls be..
we changed..

basically tht's wht we do in maahad..
we grow up and change for good.. i guess?? xD

so this girl teaches me to enjoy life and at least smile..
ur smile might seems small to you but it can bring big impact on others..
just as u wish ppl will smile to u,,
then smile to ppl!!

thx Allah for giving me the chance to meet this awesome girl called Amira :)

p/s:will keep posting abt other ppl later :DD

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