Monday, March 11, 2013


"instead of becoming enemies, why don't we become friends?"

why do you think that i'm your enemy? even if it's meant for the future
i don't know where did i do wrong
i don't know why we keep walking on separate lines now..
i don't know when it all started
only when i wake up from a long sleep, i realize that we're doing a separate way
why should this happen after the cloud 9 moments?
we've already moved over this but now its all coming back to us.

i wish i can be the same again
i wish i can be there for you
i wish i can listen to your stories
i wish i can say words that motivates you

but i can't now.

with you isolating me from your world
with you thinking everything can be solved own your own
with you not sharing a bit with me
because you afraid that i may be an enemy.

i can't pretend that i'm okay and do my part.
i tell you i can't pretend even if i'm a good actress
because the way you trust me is a dishonor

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  1. I'll try to fix it but hey its gonna take a long time i believe