Friday, March 1, 2013

the U and road run

oyeahhh finally i've made it!! finally finally and finally i finished my road run in my senior year!! well it had been 2 years (f4 & f3) i didn't join the event so i was quite nervous considering the fact that two years is a long period and also my weak stamina first, i was really enthusiastic running until..



my chest hurts..  wait. that should be put in a better phrase.. maybe weak.. umm wait. maybe fat.. heheh

altho i can constantly run(or jog.. i dunno it's speed 5 on treadmill) for 2 km.. but running up and down.. cutting the line was pfffttttttttttt...

i started quite well but that chest pain.. it made my right hand numb.. that moment.. i only think to walk coz chest pain might be the cause of insufficient of oxygen or the blood path is too hectic my cells were pushing each other and that's why it hurts.. so i walked and moved my hand up and down to allow better blood movement.. heheh

then at one turn.. i saw my teacher and she was cheering up for me and also challenged me to run.. so i ran.. then i saw madihah n syimae cheered so i kept running.. until one point it hurts and i was tired.. so i walked back.. then pap! i saw a boy ran cutting the girls line.. for god sake! they ran after the girls ran and they went to longer path and and i saw him and i was like asdfghjkllllll.. okay that's still okay.. then two guys cut the line.. one of them is our captain so i was like Hohoho!! that's our captain!! still i can't run.. then along the way i saw my classmates (boys) cutting my line and i was likeeee #%&@&#@*#@&%#*'##& !! heheh then i met fizah and i was relieved.. we only aimed to finish the run cuz it's too exhausting.. then we chatted and it was fun lohhll.. n suddenly, a boy from rumah biru cut my line and clapped his hands twice and showed hand gestures asking me to keep running.. fizah was like kenapa tu? and i said dia nak suruh lari la tu.. and yeah for the effort and support, i ran.. and i saw he kept doing the same thing when he passed by any girl from rumah biru.. so i gained the spirit back and start pulling the rumah biru girls to run with me.. then dah penat so i walked and i just thought of the drinks prepared at the school.. so mse turun jejantas i ran pstu x larat dh. but i still got a point for the run cuz i reached the finishing line before the time limit.. jyeah!!! i finished my road run in my senior year and nothing feels so good this moment than this.. yeahhhhh ooooooo aaaaaaa yaaaaaaaa maaaaa huuuuu hohohohoooo *muka bangga ibarat hero antarabangsa O:')

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