Saturday, March 2, 2013


i'll stop doing whatever you hate if that's what you want..
i'll stop being childish and stand on my own if that's what you want..

people are telling me to be myself..
people are telling me to turn a deaf ear to what people say..

but i tell you i can't..
i can't never turn a deaf ear..
i don't want to be cold-hearted..
i want to listen to what people say..
i want to do something about it..

and if that's the thing..
i will change..
they say they like me this way..
i am truly happy..

the moment you kept complaining about my behaviour..
had changed me..
changed my thought that i should always be myself..

people say changing is hard.
but i can try..
if that's what you want.
if the version of myself all grown up is what you like to see..
then i'll show you how it looks like..

all to satisfy you.. so that your life won't be miserable the way it is. now.

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