Thursday, March 21, 2013


one of the thing that i won't miss every week is usrah..
to me, usrah is something which is very very FUN because out of all the things that we have at school,
usrah is the only one focusing on our spiritual development and ukhwah :)
yes. school is for study
yes. school is for co-curriculum activities
yes. school is for everything government told us to do/become..

but usrah is different..
it seemed to have nothing to do with the so-called 'school'

some might say that it's boring to do something that is not important,
something that don't produce any output (on paper) (exam result) etc etc
some might also say,
that without usrah,
they can do many stuff such as finishing homework or watching the latest video clip and such,
those fun things that they can choose to do at the moment,
but usrah is compulsory....


on the hectic day where people become stressed out,
everybody is feeling intense pressure,
everybody is too occupied it's even hard to see people smiling..
life is NO FUN
BUT. at one moment
we need to stop.
we need to stop thinking about homework, study and all.
and we attend usrah....
usrah that for once free us from thinking about the crazy homework and murderous study
and whether we realize it or not,
only at this moment,
we become alive,
we embark on rational thinking,
we open our eyes to really see what's happening around us,
we remember to care for our relationship with Allah,
and we are suddenly remindeed of every single moment in life that will be evaluated on the Doomsday
those little things which in reality are much bigger than spm or pmr or any exam
those little things that mean SO MUCH to our life if we really care..

Reality struck when... according to mum
"If I die, nothing of those worldly things will matter".

edited by mum

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