Saturday, March 2, 2013

let's stop

"if you think that your life is too miserable by serving people what they want, then don't do it, no one pay you to listen and act"

i'm tired too..
maybe i troubled people around me with my problems only for my own good..
and hey..
i feel tired too..
with this hustle and bustle that will never stop until it reaches one point..
and during those journey to reach that point..
i know and i am sure many will get hurt..
many will get involve..

and just to be frank,
i'm sorry if anybody got hurt because of me..
okay i'm selfish for dragging you or anybody else into this..
let's keep this settle..
let's stop this..
i just want to be a spectator and stay on the bench..
i don't want to go in front, attract attention and enemies..
i want to be ordinary..
so nobody will fear me..
nobody will think that i am threatening their position or so what not..
nobody will be jealous..
and nobody will make noise with my decision..
because i don't decide anything for their life..

let's settle this and stop everything..
cuz i'm a human and i know how it feels to be burdened..
and if i am the one who burdening you,
then i'm sorry i'll pull off

you should tell me in the first place if you cannot bear any of this. i'll be happy to exclude you although i thought you are my wings

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