Monday, February 11, 2013

because i need my sis? :D

what is this?
so last year hasanah,my sis n i joined this intraschool-debating championship and to make it short, we made it to the final..
and to be frank, we never expected that to happen nor that we'll win all rounds and we'll make it to the finals since it was the first time the three of us joined debate.. but we have good chemistry though.. so Alhamdulillah, we became finalists and we also won every round including the round when we won against skyhawk (iqbal's team) which was adj by fattah that time (now he's in jordan).. and skyhawk also made it to the final.. oh we're zephyr btw.. i was a lil bit nervous yet quite confident to win the final coz we've beaten them before and we got help from from people well, mostly fattah since he's an expert about syria :D
and we suddenly lost and i was quite disappointed since we already won each and every round previously and most importantly we already won against them.. and why? do we lost in the final.. T_T

i am the not-so-logical human being that cry for unreasonable reasons cried..
and after that iqbal's team became my number one enemy especially iqbal.. coz i hate him :P
and alhamdulillah i was selected to join maahad's team (kak ulfah and kak laila) for iium-idc last year and kimi couldn't join them so they replaced him with hakim (form 2 last year) but unfortunately he couldn't make it at the eleventh hour.. and we already booked a room for a boy.. kimi couldn't go.. who else who knew how to debate, and good at it to be escorted at this critical hour? and it must be a boy.. so we sat in that room and thought.. and kak.ulfah told me that she had discussed with kak laila and asked iqbal to join us..

the moment i heard that news, i was in total shock and quite mad actually.. so i ran out, went to some place in school for privacy.. meh i'm so lame to create such drama hahah.. and i cried.. when i felt calm, i went back to the room and said to kak.ulfah.. i don't want to go, let my sister replace me coz she's way better than me.. and kak ulfah looked at me and asked why? i said if iqbal is going, then i won't... kak ulfah told me that my sis will join us as an observer so i'm quite happy with that therefore,i decided to pretend that iqbal was not in the team.. i am evil rite? so, that evening, before training, i saw iqbal and he asked me where would the training be held and i said i don't know (i think i didn't say anything i just angkat bahu je) and iqbal was like: kau jangan nak sombong sgt ngan aq boleh x? (or something similar to that) and i pretended like nothing happened and left him.. but then kak ulfah came and asked where's iqbal.. i felt guilty but i can't help the feeling of total-enemy-mode whenever i saw him.. and somebody found him and he joined us that day.. kak ulfah and kak laila were really grateful that he was willing to join us and thanked him.. they asked whether he was okay or not.. then he said: tak aku okay je tapi dia ni ha..(pointing at me) and i was like hoiii napelaaa tunjuk aku pulakkk hais..(berdesis di dalam hati).. then syakirah came out with this BRILLIANT SUPERB IDEA which i rejected whole-heartedly... "akak, kita kena letak diorg satu team supaya diorang biasa.. tgokla skrg dh gaduh, kat uia nanti macam mna?" and i said NOOOO but kak ulfah put us in the same team for a debate and i think we teamed up with atiqah.. and.... i didn't talk to iqbal.. hahah i only talked to atiqah.. and iqbal was like seriously?? nak cakap apa?? and i was like kau kan pandai.. buat sendiri.. lolz.. and kak ulfah came to check on us but we were still not communicating.. after that i couldn't remember what exactly happened but we went to uia.. turun bas, my bag was kinda heavy and there were boys taking their bags under the bus so i couldn't approach my bag.. so iqbal pun keluarkan beg2x yang tinggal dalam tu including mine and to be frank i hated it.. like why you? but i didn't exactly say that out loud heheh.. i still didn't talk to him.. i wonder how did he feel having such a kurang-ajar junior like me in his team.. but he's cool.. buat macam x tau je.. if i became him i would be hurt.. huhu i didn't even know why i acted like that towards him, what i knew is, i hated him so much (at that time)

so we're in a team.. and it's a competition!!! i mean like a serious one.. so i talked to him, gave advice during prep although now i realized that he's much way better than me lolzz.. then we did talked and i felt that he was actually not that bad and in fact, despite all those bad behaviors that i had shown, i can tell that he didn't care or act like he didn't care coz what i can see is he didn't care.. so yeah..

then since in the team, only the two of us were newbies, i mean kak ulfah and kak laila have been debating for years but us, baru this year.. so both of us got like lots of new input and i found that it funny when both of us argued and tried our best to use our 'new knowledge' to find out who was better.. and the most famous one is the "TANGIBLE".. iqbal loved to question the opponent's tangibility.. and i did that a lot too.. unfortunately during our friendlies iqbal POI-ed me and asked how can we say that children can gain parents love cuz it's not tangible?(or lebih kurang mcm tu lah) that moment i felt like throwing my pencil box to him and i said ---------------------- and THAT'S how we make it tangible!! THIS.IS.  TANGIBLE!!! hahah i was so immature.. but then after that, iqbal gained my respect cuz even though i gave him my cold shoulder, he was still kind towards me.. and also, being in all the rounds with him, i realized that he is a really really brilliant debater like the idea datang sekejap gila like petik jari dua kali not like me.. i berfikir lambat but he thinks fast.. so yeah iqbal you've gained my respect :D but still i felt and treated him like he's sebaya je cuz first, we don't have much height difference.. heheh and second, maybe because he treated us like his sister (i heard that he's the only boy in his siblings and he's the eldest) so kiranya mcm matured sikit and dh biasa dgn kerenah perempuan kut..alhamdulillah i had a great time teaming up with kak ulfah, kak laila and bal..and my sister of course to edit this post and accompany us (more like accompanying me) (Y)

listen okay.. listen!

oh god i want crunchieee

what's up fakhry?

guys,so this is our plan.. you go here, you do this.. got it?

we have to question the tangibility! okay?

and i thought i asked you to watch the time iqbal

black riderssss

with akak usher n im fat lolzz

before i forgot,(i shld add this yesterday lol)
iqbal, i'm sorry for all those bad behaviors.. you are a very kindhearted senior and keep that easygoing personality, i wish you all the best in your life and keep your faith in Allah.. oh oh lastly, you have to join debate in uni tau! it's compulsory for people who are gifted in debate like you :D

kak ulfah,
thanks for everything.. i am sorry for my childish behavior that you need to deal with every time.. you should know that your critical mind is very precious and i know that you're going to be a successful debater in the future..and don't stop joking cuz whatever you did will cherish others' day :)

kak laila,
heyy i miss you.. i hope you will remain stylish and feminine heheh.. thanks for all the support.. i learnt so much from you, you will never say never in anything.. you will always fight till the end of the WORLDDD hahah.. please know that your courage inspire all.. keep that along your journey and have a great life with great people along your side.. i know that one day, you are going to be a great person just like me muahahaha.. eh eh plus, thanks for joining kadet bomba for kawad thn lepas tau ^_^

so thanks guys :)

p/s: i'm learning how to grow... mentally.. or not.. i still want to be a kid but growing up is vital :D

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