Sunday, February 17, 2013


just now,back from the camp, i was extremely exhausted so i fell asleep.. then my third sis came to my room.. she was going back to hostel and she said, oh dah tidur dah she was closing the door back i opened my eyes and look at her n she said, byee nak balik asrama dah.. it was not in a happy tone nor sad tone.. it's in between like she doesn't want to go.. but she had to.. i dunno but i felt so tired so i just waved her from my bed.. i wanted to talk to her, reach her, shake her hands and hug her before she goes but i can't.. i can't even wake up from my bed and i was barely opening my eyes because i was too exhausted and i needed a rest.. i felt sad because she had a one week holiday but we dont spent much time together other than watching drama, because me n syakirah needed to go to school.. and then both of us went to camp on saturday n sunday.. we didn't eat and laugh together a lot like we used to be on holiday last year.. she also needs to finish her work so the time we had together was very little for a CNY holiday, i supposed..even this parting felt terribly horrible to me, i wonder how my future is going to be like.. i don't want to part even only for some days with my family because the clock is ticking and i want every moment that i have was spent with my family.. i will miss them even for a second if i don't have them beside me

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