Thursday, February 14, 2013

pretty people - i think everybody is pretty in a different way :)

so imagine this. if the world is black and white in colour, wht wld you feel? everything is black and white like a black and white movie.. there is no pink or purple or pretty blue sea.. the sea is black and the foam is white.. what would you feel? to me its boring.. living a life with only two choice is boring. imagine this if u are a girl,you need to be feminine and sensitive and if you are a boy, you need to be masculine and you cannot cry,plus, you need to have muscles.. isn't it boring? everybody looks the same and to me it's freaking spooky

the thing is, God had created us with beautiful personalities.. each and every person is different from each other and that makes everybody is unique! MashaAllah! and each of us,we have something to be proud of or let say to be used for good. each of us, boy or girl, adult or child, can be a part of a good thing. The nature of a person makes him/her beautiful in a different way. Let say if you think you are not good-looking (which i think is not true cuz i find everybody pretty/handsome) and you don't get much attention from people but you have the talent in singing.. you can sing better than Miss World or those hot guys.. You can hypnotize people with your unique voice.. Then use it.. because that is ur specialities... You are talented in singing. They don't! Y.O.U are special.. so be proud with it and cherish your talent.. i give you an example: PINK -omagosh i love her voice like crazy! it makes me want to cry even by listening to it.. eventho at first,ppl said tht pink is not pretty and she won't go further in entertainment business, she believe that she can do it and turn a deaf ear to what people said.. and now, she has proven to everybody that she can be more famous than pretty beyonce and her voice itself is a miracle that you can't find anybody to replace her. she has proven to everybody that what people said about her is wrong. they are false judges.. BUT you, you are the only person on the earth that knows yourself well.. you are the one who determined how your life is going to look like.. you are THE JUDGE! and remember this, your determination is the key to excellence.. not her pretty face, not his brilliant mind, not his cool jersey..  so in order to excel in life, you need to cherish what you have,what God gave you to live with and stop listening to what people say.. they are not that good to judge you.. just  be confident and trust yourself

oyeah btw i found tht this blog is extremely interesting so maybe you can have a look at it cuz i love it :D

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