Friday, February 22, 2013


of all the wishes that i'm dreaming, i have one.. that i deadly want to achieve during my short life.. despite of my desire to become a good muslim and succeed in the afterlife, i also want to become an outstanding speaker.. i had said once in front of my whole classmates tht my ambition is to become an outstanding debater.. well now, maybe it's not just a debater but a good speaker.. i decided on that moment that my career in the future can vary.. for income, well. maybe a children psychologist or forensic scientist.. for passion, i want to become a cook.. not for people, but for my family cuz i love cooking and in the same time it is not my major profession so i can do both.. my passion n income.. i mean it's not that if i become an official cook i can't get good incomes.. it's just that i want to explore too many things so i decided to keep the basic chores basic, and discover the other side of the world.. and one more thing. specialty. i want to be special in giving speech. i want to attract people with my words. i want to explain things until a fool can understand. because the thing is, i love talking. the more i talk, the more annoy/boring ppl get.. *they never told me tht but my speech was never satisfying enough for me.. i think that is typical.. long speech makes ppl boring.. but i want some magic.. i want to be somebody who people would listen to even if i give a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG speech.. because when i speak, i have something to tell or share and it feels good when people can understand and learn from my speech.. or ponder at least or we call it muhasabah..

i don't know why but sharing feels good to me.. but not husband of course xD

so that's basically what i dream of.. i hope you will achieve your dream too :P

p/s: hey you, i saw an orion tonight.. thought you might be interested in this since you haven't seen many stars in your life ;) n btw.. finally i have moved on ^^ thx

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